We are about to take a look at four great restaurants in Haltom City. I’ve shown you quite a few so far, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more great picks. How does some Italian food sound? What about some Chinese barbecue? Join me for this round of the best dining establishments in Haltom City, Texas.

First Chinese Barbecue is located at 5310 East Belknap Street. Barbecue duck and barbecue pork are two of the favorites according to reviews. And First Chinese Barbecue also serves up a roast duck wonton noodle soup. You might also want to try the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce and much more. At this place, you get to try some different foods that you just don’t find at every Chinese restaurant.

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant is where you can order up delicious Italian cuisine. The address for Luigi’s is 4610 Western Center Boulevard. People say that you can expect affordable prices and a great staff. And of course the food is great, too, and reviews point to the fact that on Friday and Saturday evenings, you can enjoy live music while dining out there. The spaghetti with chicken in a cream brandy sauce is one of the menu options mentioned in the reviews.

A&D Buffalos is a great place to stop for chicken wings and more. The location of the restaurant is 4005 East Belknap Street, and people also mention that the cheese steaks are delicious. As you would expect, you can choose from different flavors for the wings, and they look delicious in the pictures. How does a cheese steak and some wings to share sound to you? Or you can just go crazy on the wings!

Kim Chicken & Seafood Restaurant is located at 4840 Broadway Avenue. Fried chicken and fried fish are two of the menu favorites, and people say that you can expect a friendly atmosphere and staff. You can also expect affordable prices, great sides, enormous shrimp and more. You can even order up fried rice and egg rolls there.

Here is your chance to try out a restaurant in Haltom City that you’ve never been to before. This list of the best dining establishments is a good one for sure, and you are going to be eating some great food. Think about where you would like to go as you make your way around Haltom City, Texas, and enjoy this meal with your family.